Instuctions for DC12V air compressor for item No.FS1109

When you use DC12V,

Please put one end to the lighter socket of cigarette lighter plug to initiate use(FIG.2). After use, remove from socket.


  1. when using your air inflator, be sure the car motor is not runing.
  2. Do not use air inflator on high pressure tires, such as those used on large trucks, trailers or tractors. This air inflator is not designed to operate with commercial heacy duty tires.
  3. Although the motor and compressor in this air inflator are very powerful, inflating severa ltires in a row creates a strain on the unit, allow the air inflator to cool approximately 5 minutes. Between tires, Whether used for tires or inflatables, the inflator should not be used continuously for more than 10 minutes.
  4. Do not exceed the pressure recommented by the manufacturer at any time.
  5. Do not leave the air inflator unattended while it is running.

To Inflate tires:

  1. remove valve cap or extended valves stem
  2. attach the universal quick connect adaptor from the air inflator to the tire valve stem with the locking laver in the up position, Be sure to press down over valve stem threads completely(FIG1-A0. when connector is firmly in place, press locking lever down to lock onto valve stem(FIG1-B)



  1. Always use a gauge to ceck te actual pressure in tires and inflatables( balls, beach toys, air mattresses, tubber rafts, etc)
  2. Sofe inflatable material items will not have existing pressure reading. You much be careful not to over-inflate
    1. press toggle chuck onto valve stem and hold firmly. Caution: make sure the toggle chuck is always touching the core of tire valves stem.
    2. Push lever down to lock

Simply plug in to your lighter socker.



Do not run air compressor for more than 10 minutes at a time, Allow air compressor to cool 5 minutes between multiple inflations. If air compressor overheats, unplug and allow unit to cool for 30 minutes, Air Conmpressor must be manually unplugged to shut unit off,

To inflate other articles:

  1. use plastic adaptor supplied for recreational inflatable.
  2. use inflator pin for athletic balls.
  1. This air compressor model FS1109 is not for commercial heavy duty use
  2. Warranty:
  3. This portable air compressor is warranted by lifeline first aud to ve free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year of date from original purchase. This warranty does not cover units damaged by abuse or where he unit is operated above the recommended pressures. There is no other warranty, hereunder, wither expressed or implied and no other affirmation of fact of premise shall constitute a warranty in the event of defect ontact lifeline first aid for warranty repair of replacement. Original receipt required.
  4. when not in use this air compressor must be stored in a dry area.
  5. lifeline first air LLC